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Information included in the Arizona Climate Change Index is drawn from public sources such as government websites, news articles and other public databases.


  • Number of energy efficiency jobs in Arizona: nearly 42,000
  • Number of energy efficiency businesses in Arizona: over 9,000
  • Number of solar jobs in in Arizona: over 7,500
  • Homes that could be powered by solar production in Arizona: over 550,000
  • Number of solar companies in Arizona: over 450
  • Number of Arizonans working in clean energy transmission, distribution and storage: over 20,000
  • Number of wind energy jobs in Arizona: nearly 500
  • Number of wind turbines in Arizona: 144
  • Number of homes that could be powered by wind generation in Arizona in 2017: over 50,000
  • Number of gallons of water consumption saved by Arizona wind power generation in 2017: over 700 million


  • Number of degrees Arizonans are projected to see the average temperature increase by 2060: nearly 4
  • The year Arizona saw more heat-related deaths than any year prior: 2017
    • Number of heat related deaths recorded in Arizona in 2017: 155
  • Number of Arizonans particularly vulnerable to extreme heat: nearly 200,000
  • Average number of dangerous heat days a year: over 50
    • By 2050, the average number of dangerous heat days: nearly 80
  • Number of extreme weather events that caused over $1 billion in economic losses from 2007-2016: 12
  • Number of people killed by extreme weather in 2017 in Arizona: 13
  • Number of acres in Arizona consumed by wildfires in 2018: 165,356


  • Percentage of Arizonans that believe it’s important for the state to promote the growth of its own clean energy sources, such as wind and solar power, versus importing fossil fuels like natural gas and oil: 82%
  • Percentage of Arizonans that support an investment from utility providers for electric vehicle charging infrastructure to be developed in underserved communities, such as highway corridors or rural areas, or in areas where the private sector is unlikely to serve or invest: 57%
  • Percentage of Arizonans that believed climate change was happening in 2017: 70%
  • Percentage of Arizonans that believed climate change is caused by human activities: 56%
  • Percentage of Arizonans worried about the impacts of climate change: 60%