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Information included in the Michigan Climate Change Index is drawn from public sources such as government websites, news articles and other public databases.


  • Number of energy efficiency jobs in Michigan: over 84,000
  • Number of energy efficiency businesses in Michigan: over 16,800
  • Number of solar jobs in Michigan: over 4,000
  • Number of homes that could be powered by solar production in Michigan: over 25,000
  • Number of solar businesses in Michigan: 237
  • Number of Michiganders working in clean energy transmission, distribution and storage: over 36,000
  • Number of wind industry manufacturing facilities in Michigan: 27
  • Number of jobs supported by wind energy in Michigan: nearly 5,000
  • Number of wind turbines in Michigan: over 1,100
  • Number of megawatts of wind capacity installed in Michigan: 2,190
  • Number of homes that could have been powered by wind energy in Michigan in 2019: over 530,000
  • Number of gallons of water consumption saved by wind energy generation in Michigan in 2019: 2.4 billion
  • Number of metric tons of CO2 emissions saved by wind power generation in Michigan in 2019: 4.4 million


  • Number of Michiganders who are especially vulnerable to extreme heat: over 270,000
  • Number of extreme weather events that caused over $1 billion in economic losses in Michigan from 2007-2016: 12
  • Number of people killed by extreme weather in Michigan in 2018: 7
  • Number of acres consumed by wildfires in 2018 in Michigan: over 3,700
  • Number of Michiganders at an elevated risk of inland flooding: nearly 340,000


  • Percentage of Michiganders that believe climate change was happening in 2018: 68%
  • Percentage of Michiganders that believe climate change is caused mostly by human activities in 2018: 57%
  • Percentage of Michiganders worried about climate change: 58%
  • Percentage of Michiganders who support setting carbon pollution limits on existing coal-fired power plants: 71%